EyePadding Not Needed

What Apple did for the iPhone and iPad, they just might be doing for the Apple TV.  Not “Apple TV” per say, but Apple’s TV that everyone is getting hot and bothered about (including yours truly).

According to CNET, Apple has made tremendous strides in developing the Retina display and there is no reason NOT to get that same technology on one of the most anticipated televisions created… or soon to be created.  Most recently, their new 13″ MacBook Pro got the Retina treatment.   Inconsistent colors and images would be poor matches to what they’ve already produced.

Apple is always the brand leading the way.  I have to admit, I will probably be in line purchasing a new Apple made TV.  I believe that HDTV has taken us far enough.  New TVs with more pixels and richer colors probably don’t stand a chance as of yet for what Apple is about to introduce.  If they ever will in my lifetime!

Ok, so are you an Apple Geek?   Who has the best TV on the market now.  Would you buy an Apple-made TV?

Rock forth, Mitch

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2 Comments on EyePadding Not Needed

  1. The real challenge is affordability. I love apple products, but a lot of them are financially out of reach for many. It’s going to be difficult to pay what I assume will be thousands for a new tv. It better be fricken AWESOME.

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