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I LOVE interacting with my fans. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or here, on my blog. But I want to concentrate my post on Twitter. I always feel guilty when I have to drop someone on Twitter. Why? Well, mainly it’s because of over-tweeting. Like every other minute. I hate the link tweeter. I kind of feel it’s always a bait and switch. Great post with a link. Then it’s a view from the backseat of a Chicago area cab. Ok, it’s cool. Fun stuff, but don’t over tweet by showing me every other corner from the backseat of said cab. I also don’t care for the constant tweets with profanity. I’m not a goody two shoes, but I am sure there other people don’t like to see it either.

Another reason is that it’s important to clean out your list. I use Tweetdeck and the more people you follow, the more tweets are shown. Then I miss out on comments I can use on the show. So, I clean out my list and I gotta tell ya, every unfollow brings 140 characters of guilt.

Should I feel bad? What are the reasons you unfollow people? Is it a good idea to clean out your list? Do you feel different about me because I have “Twitter Standards?”


Rock forth, Mitch

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4 Comments on Twitter Drop It Like it’s Hot

  1. There is a difference in being a “goody two shoes” and having integrity. Since you are a highly recognizable personality, I think you have to be a bit more careful what is seen on your social networks. Even if something doesn’t offend you, it can cost you fans and viewership if it offends others. Hold your standard high Mitch, it is a rare quality, and it looks good on you.

  2. I unfollow people for many of the same reasons. I do not like getting every tweet that someone I follow does. So if there is too many tweets resulting from a Follow, I also will unfollow. Not to be mean, just to make it less confusing for me:)

  3. Oh no, there are PLENTY of reasons to unfollow on twitter. I unfollow people who clog my stream, who RT with comment instead of @replying people, who RT every compliment they’re paid or every FF they receive.

    If you think of twitter as a conversation — say, as a cocktail party — you would not spend all evening cornered by the schmuck trying to sell you on his pyramid scheme. You’d cut that dude loose, and quick. Same rules of etiquette apply online.

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