Dave The Weather Dog

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Well, I finally got my dog.  There he is, Dave The Weather Dog. 3 Months old.  A Jack Russell Terrier. We’re picking it up from the breeder in 2 weeks.   I’m actually really excited about it.  I never had a dog as an adult.  The only pet I really remember was a dog our family had when I was a kid.  It got hit by a truck when I was 8.  I’m sure it scarred me.  We also had this cool cat named Morris, but it got mauled by a Rottweiler and had to have pins in his legs.  That cat could catch field mice like no ones business.  I’m not into cats.  Since then, I never thought that I would ever want to get another living creature to take care of.  Why a Dog? Why a JRT? Well, If you were to go to my office at home you would see about 25 radios and plenty of RCA memoriabilia.  (Nipper the Dog is a JRT) Besides, I think that if I were a dog, I would be a JRT.  You know, spunky, short legs and I would probably want to work with Kelsey Grammar.

I am probably going to develop some weather stuff with Dave, to teach kids about the weather.  I have a bunch of ideas in my head. (I already sound like a show business mom) but I think I need a mascot.

Now, the heart of the matter.  I love kids.  I want to have more kids, but the wife doesn’t.  So we took care of that.  I’m really good with kids and I think if I had a dog like Dave, it would curb that need for more offspring. This will be MY dog so that means no dressing up an animal to look like a human like my wife does with her dog.  I think that is a clear cry for help when you do that, she thinks otherwise.

Single people reading this might not get a full understanding of what its like when your youngest child is off to school, or when you go out of town, come back, ask “Did you miss me?” and she honestly replies “No, not really.”  I know that she really did, but shes speaking honest.  I think with dogs, when you come home, they are always glad to see you and get all hyper.  They’re always like that.  Now that my kids are getting older, stuff like that kinda gets to ya. So I broke down my defenses and realized its time for me to get a man’s best friend: Dave Letterman English, The Weather Dog.

Man, I’m getting old.


Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. I love him!! I have a new puppy too. She is 5 months old and she is part Jack Russell and part Chuiahua! Her name is Laeya. I will send you a picture, she is ALL ears!

  2. Hey Mitch, Hope you are doing well. I really loved that commercial that you do for the BUZZ in which your are dressed in a tux and talking up the merchandise, all of a sudden, a chicken appears.the delivery, content and absurdity were just great and fresh.Curtis Earth

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  1. RIP Dave.

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