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I came across a new gadget that if you’re a Windows fan, you might appreciate.  At the English household, we’re all pretty much Mac.  This includes our AppleTV that I love to use to stream video using my iPhone using AirPlay.  The problem is, I don’t want to buy another $99 AppleTV to use on my other televisions.

Enter Google.  They have jumped into the TV game with their $35 device called “Chromecast.”   Basically, it allows both Android and iOS devices to play HD video on TV sets. YouTube, Google Play and Netflix goes straight to any TV equipped with the device that easily plugs into a HDMI port.  Will I get this? YES.

Why? Well, first, it’s the price: 35 bucks ain’t bad.  Second, it’s cross-platform so it’ll work on my iPhone. However, the best feature is that it supports multitasking. A big plus.  Other cool features is the integration into the Chrome browser (which I use.) Basically, I can put my browser on the TV

Chromecast is now available to buy on Google Play, and, shipping early next month.


Here’s their promotion video:

Rock forth, Mitch

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