Bucky Covington – Good ol boy

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Rock forth, Mitch

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3 Comments on Bucky Covington – Good ol boy

  1. Hi Mitch! I saw this picture of the two of you somewhere else also. Great picture! We agree, Bucky is a good old boy and we love him! He really loves his fans and is down to earth and very easy to talk to. Thanks for mentioning Bucky!By the way, Bucky and his band are returning home this week after entertaining the troops over in Kosovo, Netherlands, and Germany on the USO tour!KgatorKerriFlorida

  2. Thanks for posting this pix of you and Bucky! By the way, he’s got a new single, I Want My Life Back, that should be out around April 6th and a new album coming out in September! Can’t wait to hear his new song!Rachel68005

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