Brotherly Love

Today was what we call a “sausage fest” on the show. Andrea had the day off so it was all guys on the set. Nothing really exciting stands out as far as the show goes. Shannon (who was filling in for Clayton who was filling in for Andrea) had the water cooler topic of this brother and sister in Alabama who got caught getting it on in their trailer.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. INSERT ALABAMA JOKE HERE. Here’s the thing that gets me. We’re trying and trying to make sure that the South has a good image. We’re trying to erase away the years and years of dumb redneck mentality and then these two geniuses go and do this. As I mentioned on the air, you can’t have anymore clichés in this story! 1-Alabama 2-Brother/Sister love 3-Trailer 4-yadda yadda yadda.

Look, I know this crap goes on in other places in the country. Look at Angelina Jole. The South has some great people, and we’re still trying to figure out how we’re gonna “rise again”

Mitch out

Rock forth, Mitch

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