I was in Boston for the last few days doing PR for The Daily Buzz. While I was there I was able to do a segment on The Morning Show with Robin Hamilton and Ted Wayman. Nice people. Here’s some pictures of me being interviewed and acting like a jackass. David Robichaud (Robi) was on location. Really cool guy we clicked well. (more pictures below)
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After I did the show, we did some promos and took some pictures for the newspaper. Check this out, the station gave me 2 tickets to check out The Red Sox game at Fenway. Since I didn’t know anyone in Boston and I had the rest of the afternoon I had to myself I asked my driver, Kevin, if he wanted to go, and being a born and raised Bostonian, he said “hell yeah!” He took me first to this great Italian restaurant on the North End for lunch. Incredible food. Then I went on a Duck Tour (a amphibious truck takes you around the city). We had a great time at Fenway. Talk about a great game too, Angels Sox tied up to the bottom of the 9th and Ortiz takes it home. Awesome. Wicked Awesome. Here’s some shots of me and Kevin and Fenway.
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The next morning the radio tour begins. First stop is WODS Oldies 103.3 with Dale Dorman and The Breakfast Club. Robi went with me and it was fun on the air.
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Next stop was WJMN Jammin 94.5 with Ramiro and Pebbles. (By the way, they’ll be on the Watercooler on the Dial next week) We had fun there. I felt like I could be myself on there. We had shot some stuff with Robi earlier about the traffic being bad in Beantown, and I was doing a schtick. Robi wanted me to do it on the air, and I had a total brain freeze. I couldn’t remember it, anyway, I sounded stupid and the laugh was gone. I had a good time anyway, they are a cool bunch.
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That afternoon, I went to Providence, RI for a Client lunch for UPN 28 and had good time there too. I wish I was able to spend more time there and see more of that city, but we had to get back to Boston. WBZ-TV was having auditions for Stupid Human and Pet Tricks for The Late Show. Being the Letterman freak I am, I had to go watch. Pretty cool.
Well, that was my trip to Boston. What a great town. Now I know why people love it so much. It’s nice to be back with the fam. Tomorrow night- DISNEY ON ICE… but that sounds like another post.

And, oh, by the way… nice flight out there – Jet Blue. Flight back? What can I tell ya? Kids, kids and more kids. They were goon on this flight though, that was nice.


Rock forth, Mitch

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