Booqin’ It

I’m like Linus with that blanket.  I’m the cat with one of those backpacks everywhere you see me.  I totally “get” why women have purses; it’s because they Booq Mamba Shiftwant to have everything they need all in one place.  I go through about 2 backpacks a year.  I usually spend about $80 each and I found that it was worth it because I carry the thing with me every single day and I travel plenty which means its going with me.  Laptop, plugs, mouse, iPad; whatever.  Its packed with all my good stuff.

I tried out the Booq Mamba Shift.  That meant giving up my healthy big fat backpack.  It meant transferring everything I carried from one bag to the other.  Some of the things I was going to miss was the loops on the outside that allowed me to hook on stuff (yes, mainly stupid stuff) like my lunchbag, a jacket, whatever.  With the design of the Mamba Shift, the turtle dome look, it would take away from the sleek lines that the backpack offered. Inside, I found all kinds of space. Compartments, slots, and a place for everything and everything in its place.  I have almost everything I had in my old bag minus the thick cords and wires I used for my Skype broadcasts.  I can still put that bag inside though it’s really packed.  Here’s what sold me on the Booq – it all fit underneath the seat in front of me on the plane.  Sold.  I am not sure I can go back!  Granted, the Booq Mamba Shift is a little pricey – around $150, its worth it.  After all, 2 book bags a year at $70-80 would make it a solid deal in my case.

You can register your Booq with their website.  Each bag comes with its own registration number firmly placed inside.  Someone finds it, goes to the website and types in your number, Booq will get in touch with you and reunite you with your sleek back attachment.  I have a feeling you’ll never be too far away from your Booq though.


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