Yes, Your iPhone 6 Can Bend

apple-computers-logo-2014Ever since the iPhone has came out, you’ve always tried to be as gentle as possible with it.  You think to yourself that this thin little device is so fragile, it could break in half just by bending it.  Knowing how durable the iPhones have been, this more than likely has never come to fruition.  Now meet the new iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus.  It can happen.  We have proof.

A new video is out showing just that.  Though it doesn’t really break in half, it is possible for it to bend.  It’s actually quite easy to bend the world’s greatest phone.   The weak spot seems to be right around the center of the phone, near the buttons.  Apple hasn’t addressed these issues as of yet, but I strongly advise getting a strong, durable case if you are planning on putting one in your pocket.

Unbox Therapy explains it all in this excellent video:


Rock forth, Mitch

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