Being a Dad

        You might have heard me talk about my kids on the show.  I try not to get too "Kathie Lee" on the show and go on and on about my offsprings.  My kids make me who I am and I am a much better person because of it.  My kids rock.

        This week, my oldest son turned 12.   Wow.  Next year I get the title of "Father of a teenager"  I remember when he was born and I was taking him home for the first time.  I went to the hospital and in my rush to see my firstborn son, I forgot to put the car in "park" when I came to the parking lot at the hospital.  When I went out to pull the car up front, I couldn’t find my car.  I looked everywhere for it and then I saw a group of people across the street.  Apparently, my car rolled forward, crossed the street and hit a sign.  I was lucky that the car didn’t roll backwards;  it would have ran right into the Emergency Room.

        Anyway, I wanted to share this story to prove that when you become a parent, you still do some stupid things.  I’m lucky enough to have kids that look past all that stuff and put up with me.  My oldest son is quite a stud, so look out ladies  IN ABOUT 4 YEARS.

Mitch out

Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. Yeah, I can totally relate. Having two children myself, my daughter is four and about to turn five, and my son just turned ten. Doesn’t seem like he should be that old, but he is. I think we have the most rewarding job in the world and the most tiring, but seeing them grow and watching what responsible people they become is just worth all the pain you have to put up with when they are brats!

  2. As they age, the bond becomes closer and times more enjoyable.My 2 boys are 18 and 14 and though as little kids, I adored them and our times, now I find myself looking forward to hanging out with them and our times are a unique bond between teens and a young mom….I’m having the time of my life being thier mom and I agree, my kids make me a better person each day I live…I am blessed by having them around daily and I cheersih it… and fyi.. teens years are not as bad as I heard… we just need to adjust our patience knob up some ,,,Ms Pixxy

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