20110530-035209.jpgI’m not going in a rant about patriotism because it’s something that we all take differently. I do think that it’s something that can be easily shown while taking in a little bit of Americana.
Putting a flag outside your house is something I’m seeing less and less of. I love to do it, not that I’m more American than anyone else, it just makes me feel like I live in an hometown USA neighborhood.
On the street that I live on, my next door neighbor and I are the only ones that put flags out. Though I see flag mounts on almost every home.
The neighbors across the street are on a work visa from Japan (he gets an automatic waver- no pun intended. which is ironic because we were in a war with his homeland at one time.)
I just wish we could all get down to feeling like a community.

Thank you veterans and thank you families that have lost love ones in a time where your soldiers were defending our country. Hard to say Happy Memorial Day when you realize what the day is really about. I’m guilty of not remembering that myself.


Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. Hi Mitch! I love your new website here-now I can be entertainted even beyond The Buzz!! I enjoyed your post here about American flags disappearing in our neighborhoods. Sadly, that’s the case in my neighborhood too. Ours stays out year round (weather premitting); I live in WIsconsin. Anyway, so glad you did this. Is the website necessary due to your growing fame? LOL I wish you the best of luck with this and just to let you know YOU CRACK ME UP ON A DAILY BASIS! Have a great show at The Improv-wish I could be there.

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