Ahhh Snap!

Icon_100pxJust when you thought it was safe to send that picture…  Snapchat, the 9th most popular app on Apple’s App store, has just admitted there’s a problem.  Well, a problem if you’re worried about your picture really not being deleted as promised by the app.  A Utah forensics company has found a flaw in the picture/video app.

Richard Hickman of Decipher Forensics found that it’s possible to pull Snapchat photos from Android phones just by downloading data from the phone.  The picture is found when you remove a  “.NoMedia” file extension.  The website Buzzfeed found at least one flaw that made that possible to find those pictures on your iPhone.

Snapchat now admits you can find those pictures and explain how they keep the pictures.

Plain and simple: don’t think those pictures are gone forever.  If you don’t ever want to worry about them being seen by anyone other than you sent it to, just don’t send the picture!  If you’re a parent,  check out this website to find information about software that can be downloaded onto children’s phones to track their computer and cell phone activity.

FOX 35 News Orlando

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  1. This message was very interesting. I thought the whole “pictures disappear” thing was crazy and NOT Legit. Thank you for this info Mitch!

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