Ok, so I just got back from dropping the kids off at the in-laws house for 5 days and we make it back from the 2.5 hour trip. Actually, I stopped by my buddy Andy Biggart’s house and we hung out for a while. So, I make it home, take a shower and crank on the tube. The wife gets on the phone so I put the television on “mute”. When this happens, the CC turns on. I look up and I see this Botox commercial on and see the words that you see above. I started cracking up. Why? Well #1 because I do not have Botox treatment on my face and I can physically do it but #2 it actually says “Its all about freedom of expression”. Seriously. This is the slogan they are using to sell this stuff. —This is the same stuff that makes your face like a zombie in the name of looking younger. Its Botulism. “Botch” like you screw things up. as in “I really botched that one up”

Do you see the irony in this ad? Or am I so freaking happy that I have alone time with my wife for the next 5 days that everything seems funny to me?

Rock forth,

Rock forth, Mitch

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