So, January is going to be a pretty busy month for me. I’ll be in LA at the beginning of the year and then its my annual Sundance Film Festival trip. Every year, I always post pics and let you know all the fun stuff thats going on while I am there. I am starting a new feature this year that I will be using year-round.
I now have the ability to send you texts and pics to YOUR CELL PHONE!! Just sign up below –ITS FREE!!— You only will get charged standard text messaging rates. So, if you have 1000 or unlimited text messages, ITS FREE!!! Its really simple to sign up to, AND YOU WILL NOT GET SPAM! Do it. if you don’t like it, cancel it. I won’t get my feelings hurt too bad. Just remember, anything you reply back to me, will be posted at a website! (That can be a good thing too!)

Rock forth and sign up NOW!


Rock forth, Mitch

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