What is Class? Seriously… what does it take to be classy these days? I don’t watch beauty pageants, but when I heard about Miss USA falling on her butt during the evening gown competition, I had to find it on the web. Its below. I gotta tell ya, I would have shagged-ass out of there after falling straight on me bumm. She held it together like a champ and wound up placing 4th.
The boos in Mexico City were totally uncalled for. These Mexicans (and I am not generalizing Mexicans altogether, only the ones that booed at this competition. For all I know, the ones that booed might not have been Mexican in the first place… BUT it was Mexico City and it sounded like a lot of them so I am going to call the Mexicans) have zero class. This lady did nothing. NOTHING.

Show some class Mexicans that booed. Show some Class.
(Wow, I felt high and mighty just then)

Rock forth, Mitch

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