Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSounds great LIVE!!! I haven’t been a Country fan for a long time, but I would actually buy Bucky’s album. I dig all the tracks that he played on the show.
Being the jackass that I am, I had no idea that he has an identical twin. So, Bucky’s band was up at the desk, I was in my office area and didn’t see/hear them set up. I walk over to start the show and I looked twice. I started talking to Rocky thinking it was Bucky, then I looked over and saw another Bucky. Then BOOM! We’re on the air and I was confused as ever.

Nevertheless, Bucky, Rocky and the band sounded awesome.


Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. Sadly, our local station only airs the first couple of hours of the The Daily Buzz, so I missed Bucky and the band’s performance–but your interview with him was a hoot. Great show–I hope you’ll have them on again!

  2. I was all excited this morning.. love your show and you always crack me up. (loved the After school specials with Scott Baio comment) Then my power went out! Came back on for the last little bit with Bucky and his band, so I hope you have them back too. I hadn’t listened to country in forever myself but Bucky brought me back.

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