This is too funny. I love Will Ferrell. He and Adam McKay’s production company Gary Sanchez Productions has launched a comedy video site named FunnyOrDie is more or less like HotOrNot for comedy clips; after watching a clip users can either vote for or against it.


Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. I watched this a few days ago. It annoyed me because it started up automatically, so I wasn’t going to watch it. Ok, so I’m picky … and weird. Anyway, it has Will Ferrell in it, how could I NOT watch?It’s hilarious!!! That little girl is just adorable! I’ll just say this though, if my kids become money hoarding, beer guzzling, over/landlords it’s the streets for those boys! :pAnother win for Will. The man is a genius. And a goober. 😀

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