23 October 2008

Allergy season has taken its turn through my system. The weird thing about allergies is the fact that your head gets all stuffy, and you develop an itch in the back of your throat that can only be “scratch” by putting your finger in your ear and making grunting noises. You know the kind of noises I’m talking about. If you don’t, head on down to the local IHOP or Waffle House one mid afternoon and I am sure that there’ll be a guy there demonstrating it.
To defend yourself from these allergies, one must take allergy medicine. Easy enough. Sure. But which one? The other day I took a dose and I crashed out for 13 hours. Apparently there is a “daytime” formula that prevents drowsiness.
Everyone has their own remedy too. From gargling baking soda to putting a clothespin on your ear. Then there are different types of allergies, apparently I have taken the “mold” liking. I don’t care what type it is. I just want this itch in the back of my throat to be gone.


Rock forth, Mitch

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1 Comment on 23 October 2008

  1. Mitchiei know the itch is probably gone by now – but HONEY.spoonfuls of it at intervals during the day.has healing enzymes in it.coats by virtue of its texture as well.can’t be beat, baby. :)and lots of water!Michelle SeblyDenton Maryland

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