23 Feb 2008. RIP Larry H. Miller

I had the opportunity to interview Larry H. Miller, owner of The Utah Jazz and successful business man for the show a few years back. He always liked me and how I did things on my show I had when I was living in Utah. He remembered me when I came back for an interview and told me that I had a great on-air personality. It was supposed to be an interview for an hour or so and I wound up spending the whole day with him.
He took me out to lunch. He gave me VIP treatment at The Delta Center. I needed to get downtown and he had a quick appointment and the guy actually told me to pick out a car on the lot and to just drive it down to the Delta Center where I got to park in his spot. A spot closer than the players used.

I was so impressed by him and his generosity. I hope the interview we aired showed justice to a guy that I called a friend and I know that others did too.

RIP Larry H. Miller. You were one of the good ones.



Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. Another good one gone… Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s so nice to hear about someone with heart who leaves a legacy of honor. My thoughts are with his family and may he rest in peace…

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