Well, I think i'm over Oklahoma right now. I have "Business Lady who didn't get upgraded to first class" next to me. No conversation, that's cool. I know that she didn't get upgraded because she was on her cell phone from the moment she sat down to the moment she lost reception about 6000 feet in the air. Yes. She kept her phone on the whole time.
Here's the thing, I know that there are some people that say there's nothing wrong with these cell phones on planes and its a conspiracy or something. That's cool, I can dig and appreciate that. But its really not a good idea. I used to be a proponent for the idea. But have you ever sat next to someone that's on the phone? I think this lady is a lesbian because I heard the entire
conversation. A lot of 'I love yous' and a 'can't wait to see yous' and 'girl you look so goods'. Who cares right? I haven't seen my wife in almost 9 days, and I say that stuff to her too…BUT NOT ON A PLANE WITH 300 STRANGERS. She's got the laptop thing going too. Look at her…typing away, taking all the overhead space…ordering extra snacks and water…AND TAKING MY ARMREST. ( I always
give it up). I'm going to glance over and see what she's typing…brb…

It appears to be an email. I see her name is 'Debby'….ohhh..now the truth is out…she has some proposal for American Express and Delta Airlines. She must work for the airline the way she was complaining about not getting first class. Huh…great example…not only did she turn her laptop on when the door closed, she stayed on the phone too. INTERESTING…

I am not BSing you on this. I'm learning so much . Apparently, the plane WON'T go down in a blaze if you have your cell phone on AND a laptop on too…

Holy crap, I am sitting in 18A and my ticket says 18G!!! I'm not even in the right seat! No one said anything either!! Is this fate that I have unravled a huge transportation conspiracy?

Seriously, were are 2 minutes from landing ane just pulled out a salad. No kidding. No lie. They just did the 'return your trays to their full and upright position' speech. Yeah, that's when they tell you to turn off electronic devices too. BUT I GUESS IT DOESNT MATTER!!!!


this is where I was supposed to sit and where I actually sat
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Rock forth, Mitch

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