20 Nov 2008 – Movie Goers

Why is it when you are discussing movies with your friends and they find out that you haven’t seen a certain movie you get chastised?? You know how the conversation goes, something like: “Oh, have you seen Quantum of Solace yet? You know the James Bond movie??” And the answer comes back, “No, not yet.” They yell something along the lines of “WHAT? YOU HAVEN’T SEEN QUANTUM OF SOLACE???!!!!!!!” Like you have lived in a social coma for the last seven months. You then feel inferior to them for some reason.
My complaint might sound trivial, but when I go to a movie, I go there because I want to see something bigger than life. I want to be taken away to whatever world I am being taken into. I’m not there to get popular and do the hip thing. And when you get into conversations with true movie goers, it seems like they go to deep for me. You know, they complain that Jason “sold out” in the later Friday The 13th movies. That’s too much for me.
My suggestion is to just yell back when you get chastised about not seeing a particular movie. You think off on this subject, just get into a discussion about new films. You’ll see!


Rock forth, Mitch

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3 Comments on 20 Nov 2008 – Movie Goers

  1. The people I know don’t yell about that but whenever they find out I haven’t seen something yet they ALWAYS want to tell me the end. I need some new friends. 😉

  2. I can’t believe you haven’t seen ‘Quantum of Solace’ yet! What’s wrong with you Mitch? Get a move on, will you.

  3. amen! I don’t even like to talk about movies with others because then I don’t get to enjoy the experience. I don’t want to have to justify why the movie was good bad or ugly…. he he….but I am not in the the ‘in crowd’ so what do I know.

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