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Goodbye Clayton Morris.
Well, it looks like my co-worker, former roommate and friend Clayton Morris is leaving us here at The Daily Buzz. Clayton is moving to Philadelphia to be the morning anchor at WFTX-Fox 29 and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Its an incredible gig and I know he’ll do well at it. If you get a chance this week, drop him a line to say congratulations.


Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. The Daily Buzz just wont be the same without clayton. I will miss the rapport you two had together. bet you need a big hug Mitch.Hugs!

  2. Dont let them cut clayton out of the daily buzz pictures like they did john brown. can we leave calyton on there and just dress him up like a lost hobo?

  3. Ahh. I’m going to really miss Clayton’s segments. I think he’s so funny. I’m really excited for him though, I think we’ll be seing more of Mr Morris in the future.

  4. I liked ya Clayton. Even when everyone picked on ya on the show you rolled with the punches.Why did John Brown leave the show?When someone is sick, pregant, getting married or shark week you guys joke they are gone but when john left nothing.Well anyway I and other fans with miss Clayton! I hope he stops by sometime like a guesthost.Sabrina

  5. YOu will missed Clayton! Does your wife want to move to the cold weather? LOL Where is the missing John Brown? Probably hates Orlando like most people!

  6. please tell us where John Brown is!!! We are all wondering what happened with him. He must have left on bad terms as his name was never brought up again. The last day he was on he looked like he was angry and tried to cover it up but a daily watcher saw that. Please respond as we all want to know.

  7. Why won’t the Buzz tell us what happened to John Brown? They want us to watch but when we want to know what happened to JB no one says anything! You will be missed Clayton you sexy thing!

  8. P.Brown said:Clayton I will miss ya. Your smile makes me happy!! I will miss that. Keeping us in the political light…no one can do that better than you. Good-luck in the future. Come back as a guest host.

  9. Since the Buzz won’t let anyone know what happened to John Brown I called the station and he still works there. Maybe they kicked him off the air because he was stiff as a board. Clayton, was much better by far and much funnier.

  10. Wow I don’t watch the show for a few weeks, and Clayton is gone, and nary a reference as to who what where, he is gone. I had to search the web to find out where, and or Mitch’s blog page to get the scoop, well just that he left, Daily Buzz be more upfront about the why, and where, Clayton was a great addition and mixed well with his co-hosts.

  11. I hope you are doing well on your new gig and you like PA but I want you to know I really miss seeing and hearing you on the daily buzz every am!

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