15 Jan 09- A Call to Armrests

Y'all help me out here. What is the policy when it comes to arm
rests? I am sitting in my seat 17A and next to me is Restless
Goliath. Restless Goliath has a really nice MacBook that he has
opened,closed and put away about 3 times on this flight. He's in a
middle seat and is a large in stature. Imagine Andy Campbell with bulk.
Anyway, Restless Goliath has taken over my armrest. So I am crossing
my arms. I would imagine that Restless Goliath and i would be friends
outside this fuselage. He smells nice. And my hand to the heavens,
he's wearing a Giants hat. Ironic, I know, but I'm a baseball fan too.
So, can you tell me who gets the armrest so I can quit thinking I'm in
the right or in the wrong? Does whoever gets there first win it? Is
it whoever is larger? Do we split it? I gotta know because if he
jabs me again with his elbow one more time, I'm gonna pull down the
emergency oxygen bag and put it on him first and not myself.

-Mitch English

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Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. I hear different things. A news site one time published a story on airplane ettiquette where it states the person in the middle seat has to share both arm rests and not hog them. (I know, awkward!) Then again, someone else told me they thought the middle seat had dibs on both arm rests (maybe it’s because that person always flew in the middle seat). I don’t think there’s a 100 percent rule here–but I like your oxygen mask idea anyway. Go with it!

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