So on my flight back from LA I had a layover in SLC.  There we had a packed, I mean packed flight (SEE POST BELOW)  Anyway, The Grandpa Billy behind me kept getting the hyper-ritilain-witch-child all wild up.  I knew no one would believe me, so at the last minute I grabbed my camera phone and ran video of it.  I only caught a few moments, but this should give you the idea of what my 4 hours was like.  Keep in mind row 35 and the twice changing of a crappy diaper.


Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. I thought the airline had to protect passengers from terrorists. I really admire your self control, didn’t think celebrities had to put up with things like that. One of the most likable things about you is the nice way you talk about your family, but still, for this you deserve a medal. Glad you didn’t lose it, because your famous you would have been in the tabloids. If those people didn’t care how inconsiderate they were to you, didn’t they at least care for the girls safety? You are a patient man!

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