After the show…recharge

13 October, 2016

I am asked plenty what I do after the show is over. Great question. Thank you for asking. I usually “recharge” by going to the Hall of Anchors with my co-workers until we are needed. ISYWILAY- Mitch Read More

VIDEO: New Meaning to “STAR WARS”

4 September, 2016

Greg Grunberg, one of the coolest guys in the biz, was in town for Geekinomicon. Most recently known for the new Star Wars movie.  I met Grunny back in 2001 when he was doing Felicity Read More

Your Facebook Has Ears

3 June, 2016

Know what an EULA is? Maybe not but if you have Facebook, especially on your phone, then you might want to know that Facebook is listening to everything around you when the app is open. Read More

Thank you to all that gave all

30 May, 2016

This Memorial Day take a moment. Whether it’s at your desk, at a stop light or maybe when you see an American flag, take a moment to think of yourself as a soldier, far from Read More

The Pilot Ear Translator

19 May, 2016

Soon, we’ll all be able to get a long.  Ok, perhaps we’ll still need to talk things out but now there is a new device that fits in your ear that will translate languages in Read More

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